I don’t know all the ins and outs of the issues confronting the county and the EMS, but I do know that Perry Westmoreland runs a tight ship budget wise. I also know that we have a very good EMS. They are local and have a vested interest in maintaining a high quality service for the people of Scurry County. They are professional and courteous.

How many hundreds of people can attest to this. There are letters to the editor often about the wonderful aid rendered by the Scurry County EMS.

This service is one very important to the community and one which most people are willing to pay for.

Do we want this service out-sourced. I’m not clear how the hospital fits into an out-sourced EMS agreement but it sounds like there may be too much red tape involved for a quick response to an emergency.

I am sure there are good arguments on both side as to why an agreement can’t be reached.

But surely the county and Perry Westmoreland can get this one worked out for the good of the community.


The Hispanic Community

In mid December, speaking at WTC, Dr. Steve Murdock, official state demographer of Texas backed up with a bunch of statistics what most of us already knew instinctively.

The population in Texas is one of the fastest growing in the United States.

Most of the growth is in the Hispanic population.

By 2040 Texas will have a decided Hispanic majority.

By 2040 8 out of every 10 public school students will be non-Anglo.

Snyder is already closer to this statistic than the state average.

Dr. Murdock said the statistics also tell us that in 2040 Texas will be poorer and less educated.

Bottom line for Scurry County: the Anglo community and the Hispanic community must engage in a dialogue to determine the shape of our future.

One place this dialogue might take place is through the Chamber of Commerce.

It could start between business leaders of the two communities.

Businessmen have a lot in common and the two groups could work together to move the county forward in the 21st century.