What's Up Snyder: An Internet Video Newscast

What’s Up Snyder is an new feature on SnyderTexas.NET.

It is an Internet video newscast.

Using a camcorder and uploading the video to Google or Utube, we can actually create a TV station online.

Our first feature includes a tour of the new school, interview with the parks manager and a talk with the new boys club manager.

It will take a broad band connection to view the video.

The newscast will be biweekly and will cover events and personalities of interest to the Snyder community.

To view the video, go to Snydertexas.NET and click on What’s Up Snyder.

Tell us what you think and give us suggestions for future news casts.

Our second newscast will be out this week.


Square Renovation and the Santa Fe Depot

Our square can be renovated and its history preserved.

The Ritz Theatre is a jewel.

The Manhattan Hotel is a jewel in progress.

Hopefully someone will buy the old CADA building where the new Hard Hat Café and Barb’s Books are located and keep those going.

There is movement on the “burned out spot” with a less ambitious initial restoration plan to be proposed by the chamber.

Some newly relocated architects are willing to donate their time to the project.

Many dream of restoring the courthouse back to its original state.

Ironically, the fact that we even have a literal “square” is unique.

Many small towns have done away with theirs.

If we could restore ours, it would be a tourist attraction and a community gathering place.

It is right on Highway 180, a heavily traveled state road.

Another opportunity has opened up.

It has nothing to do directly with the square but a lot to do with preserving Snyder history.

The historic Santa Fe Depot is scheduled to be demolished in 2008, but would be given to an interested group if they would move it.

To me the ideal place would be with the other historic buildings at the coliseum.

We even have a train engine already in place!

What a tourist attraction that would make.

Not to mention that we are preserving the history of our county.

We have a year to work to save this landmark.

We need an expert in moving old buildings.

Are you one or do you know of someone?

Are you interested in this project?

Call 325.573.1200; 325.573.2763; 325.573.9729; 505.280.5784 or e-mail

Or you can comment on this blog entry.

It only takes desire and commitment.

The money will follow.

Let’s act now to preserve history and attract tourists to our community.