Gov. Perry's Outrageous Veto

Gov. Rick Perry has dealt a crippling blow to junior colleges in general and WTC in particular in his decision to veto funds approved for health insurance.

His decision took legislators by surprise as he had given no warning of a veto and legislators had followed commission guidelines.

There is great cynicism as to his stated reason for the cuts of fraud by the junior colleges when it has been shown that most colleges are actually in compliance with rules governing health insurance.

Speculation as to his real motivations range from pressure by the large colleges to bring junior college costs in line with theirs to a personal vendetta against certain people who supported his opponent in a previous election.

Whatever Gov. Perry’s motivation, his actions hurt education in Texas at a time when having an educated workforce is one of our most important assets.

Junior colleges educate well over half the students in the state at a very reasonable cost compared to four year colleges.

Large junior colleges in the cities near major universities may be able to absorb the cost and keep running without cutbacks, but rural junior colleges such as WTC who have to scramble for their students cannot afford the large unexpected cuts.

Gov. Perry’s actions are outrageous.

They harm education in the very region where he grew up.

They hurt economically disadvantage students.

They hurt education in Texas.

If you want to protest his actions, there are petitions being circulated in Snyder.

You can also call or e-mail Gov. Perry’s office. (www.governor.state.tx.us/contact/)

Or you can call state representative Drew Darby (325-653-8830) or state senator Robert Duncan (800-546-9928).

We need to keep pressure on Gov. Perry and hope he will do the right thing for education in Texas.