Tribute to Scott Crenwelge

Scott Crenwelge has spent many hours, way beyond what his salary called for, to push through a project which will enhance the quality of life in Snyder for years to come.

The Park Project is a huge undertaking made even more time consuming and difficult to complete because of the red tape associated with the grant.

However, when finished this project will give new life to the park.

It should become a true center of community activity.

Many have contributed, but Scott most of all.

Burn out is understandable. One has to balance family and work.

Thanks Scott for your hard work.

Before a new person is hired, it might be time to look at how Scott’s job was structured.

He was head of both the coliseum and parks.

And he was understaffed.

Too many projects for too few people. Many times the coliseum staff worked overtime on the park.

It may be time to split these two jobs.

Both are important to the quality of life in Snyder.

Quality of life keeps people here and helps attract new ones.

Our parks need to be maintained.

Our coliseum needs promoting and upgrading.

Our goal should be to have the coliseum booked every weekend six months in advance.

With major events.

But we need adequate staffing and we need promotion.

And we need enough people to do the job.

Otherwise, burn out will occur.

The coliseum needs maintenance badly. For example, the folding chairs need to be replaced.

No, the coliseum will never be a money maker simply from the fees charged, but it can pump many thousands of dollars into the community from the outside.

And in this way will more than pay for itself.