The C City Coal Plant and the Environment

I read an article in the January issue of Rolling Stone magazine about the new coal plants TXU is building throughout Texas, one of which is located in Colorado City.

This plant will be a big plus for the economies of both Colorado City and Snyder.

I know Rolling Stone has a slanted viewpoint and one would expect them to blast the construction of the plants as being bad for the environment.

Apparently some very strong opposition, based on environmental concerns and centered in the Dallas area, has developed to the plants.

The article did make one good point which triggered my writing this blog entry.

TXU is not using the latest technology to reduce carbon dioxide-emissions in their plants.

This technology is called BAT (Best Available Technology) and significantly reduces pollution.
At the same time it is more expensive.

In fact, TXU, according to the article, convinced Gov. Perry ( by large campaign contributions and postponing rate hikes until after the recent govenor’s election) to fast track approval of plant construction in order to get the plants approved before federal legislation mandated that all new plants use BAT.

In my opinion, TXU should, of their own volition, use the very latest and best technology in building the new plants.

Aside form the larger environmental issues, I want as little pollution dumped into our West Texas air as possible, largely for health reasons.

Thus, I have no objection to their building a plant in Colorado City.

It will greatly help our local economy.

But I do want the plants to pollute the air as little as possible.

TXU should not be allowed to build the plants unless they use BAT.


Observations on Several Institutions

WTC appears on its way to another great enrollment for the spring semester. On- campus enrollment remains high. This is excellent for the local economy because many of the on-campus students are from out of town. These are dollars in our economy that would otherwise not be there.

Of course, the big project right now is finding a new president for the college. Dr. Williams will be a tough act to follow. Many people are very grateful for the what he has done for the college. We wish him great success in his new endeavor in Odessa.

However, life goes on and there is no reason that we cannot find a president who can continue and expand on Dr. William’s accomplishments.

We had over thirty applicants, many of whom had very impressive resumes. Picking the right person for WTC is very important for the community and the board will do its best. Hold a good thought for us.

The process is well on its way.

The new chamber manager, Jay Burns, is a local boy who has been away awhile in the big city. He has gained invaluable experience and enjoyed his time away, but loves this community and really wanted to return and be a part of helping develop the area where he grew up.

He has a perspective on what a rural community can and can’t do and yet has a vision for helping Snyder thrive.

He is very much a people person and would love to talk to you.

Don’t be shy about calling on him and letting him know what you think.

He wants to get everyone working together.

How 'bout Them Cowboys?

The Cowboys ended a frustrating season with a frustrating performance.

Frustration # 1 TO

Why do we have to put up with TO? He makes great catches and then he drops crucial third down passes. Making first downs on third down is essential for a championship team. TO kills the cowboys in this area. He is unreliable.

He is also psycho. And he draws press attention. How can a team develop the unified will to win and work together with a guy who demands to be treated differently than everyone else and who divides rather than unites his team with his constant antics and comments.

Answer: you can’t.

Frustration # 2 Bill Parsells

A Hall of Fame coach for past accomplishments who should have remained in the past. He is burned out. Just looking and listening to him, you feel tired and depressed. His fire is gone and so are the assistant coaches of the past who provided the technical expertise to make his teams great. Many are now head coaches in the NFL.

His return to the three four defense is a disaster. His defense looks confused. Why does he have Demarcus Ware, his only pass rusher in pass coverage?

In the past would Parsells have put up with TO and treated him with kid gloves? His way of handling this disruptive personality is to ignore him while “motivating” the rest of the team with his acerbic comments. This destroys team unity.

Frustration # 3 Roy Williams

Williams was a great college player and can deliver spectacular hits, sometimes on his own teammates. However, he is too slow to play safety and is constantly exploited. On many crucial pass receptions by the opposing team, the familiar number 31 of Roy Williams is seen trailing behind the fleeing runner. He also misses crucial open field tackles trying to make big hits.

Put him on the line of scrimmage as a linebacker or on the bench.

Frustration # 4 Jerry Jones

Jones has to be the most boring interview in the league. Totally predictable in his comments, he offers no insight into the team or the game. He listens closely to the press and changes his views as he wind blows. He needs to step aside and get out of football decisions and let his soon Stephen run the team. Stephen will let football men make the football decisions.

That being said Jerry is a good businessman and his new stadium looks to be spectacular.

Frustration # 5 Tony Romo

Romo is the real deal but still in his first year as an NFL quarterback. It is virtually impossible for any first year quarterback to lead his team to a Super Bowl. Even the great ones struggle at first. The game is too fast and too complicated to master without experience.

After he mishandled the field goal snap, he was the picture of absolute dejection on the sideline.

At least he cares.

How he handles that experience will probably determine his future. Will it make him stronger or destroy him?

I predict he will become one of the premier quarterbacks in the league.

Over the course of a season a team develops their personality and they don’t suddenly change it in the playoffs.

The Cowboys are a good example. A frustrating season ended in a frustrating playoff loss.