Update on WTC Presidential Search

The search for the new college president at WTC is in a new stage.

The board has selected five candidates to interview.

Evaluating resumes is a very inexact science because almost anyone can make a resume look good.

Checking references can help but the references a candidate lists are going to say good things about him/her.

There is no substitute for actually looking someone in the eye and asking hard questions.

Even then, one never knows how a person will turn out until they have been on the job for awhile.

That is why selecting a person to replace Dr. Williams as president of WTC is a scary process.

Wish the board members luck and hold them in your prayers.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dr. Williams runied the 30 year reserves that Dr. Krenek built to grow and sustain the college. The account went from 30 years to 3 months!!! He actually hurt the college worst than any natural disaster by bankrupting it! Dr. Williams did the same to the Odessa Junior College, but the board stopped the hemorrhage. They noticed that this practice was to improve the image of Dr. Williams while costing the college millions. Then its on to the next college to ruin.

Good luck fixing the sinking ship and to a lot of hard decisions!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009  

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